The creative community, for artists, by artists.

“CRITEAK is what you would get if you’d mix elements from the old and some social media together in one big pot and design it for artists and their artwork.”

Matthew Dawn, Founder
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All art is equal.

Our homepage shows you one random submission. Up to you to help that person out by giving them feedback upon their work. In return you gain karma which you can use to boost your comments or exposure. Once a comment or paint-over is submitted, you move on to the next one.

Do paint-overs within your browser.

Use our in-browser paint tools to create paintovers for your comrades and instead of telling them, show them how they can improve their work ! (Tools in our beta are still in alpha stage, if you find a bug please report it.)

Create sketchgroups with your friends.

It's dangerous to go alone! It's easier to keep motivated if there is someone pushing you. Create challenges for each other and see who can improve the quickest!
Recieve notifications when your peers have or haven't uploaded work in a while.
Allows for groups up to 5 people.

CRITEAK for companies and schools.

An easy way for art-directors, employees, teachers and students to catch up on what the others are doing and helping each other out with visual issues. Link up your dropbox, google drive, owncloud or other cloud services and use the in-browser CRITEAK tools to quickly help each other out with feedback.